The Family Way

This unique philosophy provides guidance on how to help residents continue to live a meaningful life when they become too frail to live independently.

The focus of care is to treat residents as we would one of our own family members, with respect and genuine concern.

Our philosophy is congruent with, and helps staff live the Mission and Values of the organization and creates a world full of opportunity for our elders while building on the heritage of care envisioned by the founding members, The Ahmon family and Lark Care.

The Family Way includes opportunities for residents to be respected and honoured for their wisdom.

Opportunities also exist for residents to give back to their community and engage in every-day meaningful activities.

Our philosophy believes that an individual’s personal independence and physical, mental, social and spiritual health are maximized when the individual, the family/the substitute health care decision maker and the community assume some responsibility for the individual’s care when required.


Laurel Place recognizes the following Principles of Care:

  • The unique dignity and worth of the individual;
  • The need of each individual for a sense of self-respect, self-determination and privacy;
  • The need of each individual for maximum personal and functional independence, free from abuse and/or exploitation;
  • The need of each individual for a meaningful life style;
  • The need of each individual for meaningful communication and social interaction;
  • The need of each individual for participation and involvement in decisions that affect him/her; and
  • The need of the individual to maintain relationships with family, friends and members of social groups or clubs in the community.

The right of each individual is to receive safe care in a safe environment.


Laurel Place has adopted the principles of this respected philosophy which is based on the core belief that aging should be a continued stage of development and growth, not decline.

It teaches that homes for elders must be habitats for human beings.

It believes the plagues of loneliness, helplessness and boredom make life intolerable and that these plagues can be eliminated with companionship, opportunities to give meaningful care to other living things and variety and spontaneity can create an enlivened environment.


  • “This is a system of dementia care designed to change the experience of dementing illness for the afflicted person, the family and the professional care providers”.
  • It seeks to arrange an environmental fit between the person with dementing illness and the physical space, the programs, and the significant people with whom the person must interact.
  • The GENTLECARE® system accommodates and supports existing levels of function and development, rather than challenging the person with dementia to adapt and perform in ways no longer possible. Laurel Place applies the concepts taught in this philosophy to ensure that our residents with dementia have the best quality of life possible while living in our home.


Laurel Place values each of our residents as unique persons. Person-centred care is an approach to care defined as “valuing people as individuals”. It seeks to maintain the uniqueness, the individuality and life history of all individuals. It includes:

  • Acknowledging that the person/family receiving care is the expert regarding personal healthcare
  • Seeking and valuing residents’/clients’/families’ perspectives, and integrating this information into plans of care
  • Exploring the meaning of situations, trying to find out why they are acting the way they are
  • Reflecting on practice and situations
  • Being guided by residents and their concerns, rather than tasks
  • Emphasizing choices and reasonable risk taking
  • Looking for potential and abilities, rather than disabilities and
  • Respecting the person’s wishes.