Our Services…We care for you – The Family Way

Your independence and wellbeing are maximized

We encourage you and your healthcare decision maker to provide input, participate and direct your care as much as possible. We work with you to develop a care plan to guide staff in the actions they need to take to accomplish the goals you set to help you attain physical, emotional and spiritual well-being. We work with you at your annual care conferences or hold a social mini-meeting to ensure good communication between you and our team.

People you may see in your neighbourhood

The team members you will become familiar with include: the Directors of Care and Leisure Services, registered nurses, licenced practical nurses, resident care aides, recreation therapists, physiotherapists, rehabilitation aides, housekeepers, dietary aides, laundry aides, cooks, maintenance workers, as well as pastoral care chaplain, pharmacist, physician, the dietitian and our Administration Team on the Main Lobby Level. We also have volunteers that visit and help with many programs.

Our doctors come to serve you in your room

We provide your medical care with a team of nine general practitioners. You will have one of our four primary physicians assigned as your doctor when you move in. Your family physician may provide your care in Laurel Place if he/she agrees to meet our standards for medical practice. Our Medical Coordinator is available as a resource for care conferences, and medication reviews if your physician is not available. The Medical Coordinator may also provide consultation if required to ensure you are receiving the best possible medical care.

Photographs of our physicians are located in the Main Lobby to help you learn your doctors’ names.

We bring many other services to you

Other services available for you at Laurel Place include a visiting in-house dental hygienist and dentist for annual check-ups and follow-up dental work, an on-site optometrist for annual check ups, a contracted occupational therapist and a qualified foot-care nurse who visits every six weeks.

For your safety we ensure that all professionals are fully licensed and they must maintain proof of required certification.

Bathing in our Centralized Spas

Your bathing at Laurel Place is sophisticated yet simple. Our staff provide you assistance in our warmly decorated spa. Bathtubs are height adjustable with electrically operated lifts to eliminate the need for to you climb in and out of the tub. Our bathing systems provide you with safety features such as temperature-controlled water inlets and automatic sanitizing systems to reduce infections. You may choose whether you prefer a shower or a bath. We have towel warmers to add to the pleasure of your bathing experience. We endeavour to ensure that your bathing experience is private, warm, safe and comfortable.


Laurel Place housekeeping staff are an important part of the team who keep your environment lovely for you. They regularly clean all public areas. They will consult with you about the cleaning of your bedroom suite and washroom to ensure that their work does not interfere with your time for visits with family and friends or your personal time. If you choose to maintain your own living space they will assist you as needed. They can also assist you with chores you may need help with like changing the water in flowers or watering plants.

All bed linens, towels and facecloths are provided for your use and are laundered as required.

We work hard to be green at Laurel Place. Please place recyclables in the designated containers as we all work together to reduce our contributions to the landfills.


Laurel Place will wash all your personal clothing daily. Please ensure that only washable items are placed in the laundry bags. Dry cleaning must be arranged off site. There is a one-time marking fee when you first move in for labelling of all personal clothing to ensure that we get it safely back to you after washing. We ask that any clothing brought in after you move in be taken to your neighbourhood Nurse for labeling. A domestic washer and dryer are available on the main floor in the Vending Machine Room or on Emmadale if you or your family would prefer to wash and dry your own belongings. Laundry soap can be purchased at the Market located on the Main Lobby Level. black-white-butterfly

Safety and Comfort

Every facet of Laurel Place was designed and built to meet your safety and security needs. We have specially designed elevator buttons which help us to keep residents with dementia safe. We also have coded doors to prevent people who may get lost from wandering. Our parkade has a gated door to ensure that vehicles are safe from vandalism.

Our interior courtyard is designed to provide a safe, secure environment for visiting or taking a stroll in the fresh air. The courtyard is accessible from the back of the main elevator or through the dining room doors from Arendale and Brackendale on the second floor. We request that visitors and residents do not access the courtyard through the Hospice Unit.

Residents and visitors may also enjoy the fresh air and landscape of the courtyard from outdoor patios in each neighbourhood.

Other Features

We take pride in the lovely home which our owners have designed and built. Other features you will notice when you move in are:

  • Spacious, wide corridors throughout the building which provide great continuous walking loops for regular exercise
  • Corridors are fitted with handrails
  • There is continuous monitoring of the public areas both inside and outside by closed-circuit monitors
  • All areas are well-lit and barrier free to reduce hazards for seniors
  • There are state of the art lifting devices used throughout the facility if you require assistance with standing or transferring or if you experience a fall

An advanced nurse-call system ensures that you get help when you need it.


Each neighbourhood at Laurel Place has a lounge located adjacent to the care station and also another “sitting area” by the main elevators or by the external windows for enjoying a quiet conversation with friends. Some small group activities are held in these lounges. Televisions or DVD players are also located in some home areas.

Care Stations

Laurel Place has eight care stations that give the nurses a place to write in your health record or call your doctor. Please do not use the phones in the care stations as they are intended for business use only. Medications are stored in small rooms located by the care station. All medication at Laurel Place is dispensed by Rexall Pharmacy. If you have any questions about your medications please ask your nurse or doctor

Private Pay Care

Laurel Place is a locally-owned, multi-level complex care facility. It is fully licensed by the Fraser Health Authority and provides skilled nursing and rehabilitation services.

In addition to providing complex care to our government funded residents we have a neighbourhood suite that is exclusively reserved for our private pay residents.

What is Private Pay?

Private pay residents are not subsidized through government funding, and must pay a monthly fee for their care at Laurel Place.

Who is accepted aa Private Pay resident?

Prior to admission, all potential Private Pay residents must:

Complete an assessment and be interviewed by our Director of Care or designate,

Provide all requested medical information and records,

Complete and submit a signed Residency Agreement.

Once a Private Pay resident qualifies for Government funding, can they continue to stay at Laurel Place?

Yes. Private pay residents who qualify for long term care funding can request that their name be put on the “transfer list” for one of our government-funded beds.

When a funded bed becomes available at Laurel Place the resident can continue to stay at Laurel Place. The funded resident will be moved out of the Private Pay unit into another unit.

What are the rooms like?

The Private Pay rooms are located in the Ivydale Unit on the 4th floor.

The rooms are bright, looking out on the courtyard gardens.

Each room has an adjustable electric bed, bedside table, dresser, closet and a lounge chair. Each room has a private toilet and sink

What services are offered?

24 hour nursing provided by registered nurses

Physiotherapy and Rehab services

Recreation and Social Programs planned by a Recreation Therapist

Bus outings

Music therapy

Meals and snacks, special diets, on-site Dietitian

Physicians, Podiatrist, Dentist, Dental Hygienist

Pastoral care for residents of all faiths

Palliative care

In house laundry

Complex Care

Complex care is residential care (or long-term care) which can have two options depending on a person’s circumstances and needs. The monthly fee for care can either be partially funded by the Fraser Health Authority and partially funded by the resident (via a per diem which is based on their annual income) or it can be wholly funded by the individual.

To be eligible for subsidized residential care, a person must:

  • Have a health care need that has been assessed by Fraser Health professional staff as requiring 24-hour residential care
  • Be over 19 years of age
  • Be a Canadian citizen, or a permanent resident who meets BC’s residency requirements
  • Agree to the assessment process, which includes releasing financial information
  • And have tried all of the avenues available for receiving care at home.

Private Pay accommodations are available where rooms and services are paid privately by the resident and not funded by the health authority. Depending on individual circumstances, private pay residential care may be the right option for either temporary or permanent care. An assessment by Fraser Health staff is not needed for admission to our private pay suites.

Complex Care used to be referred to as Intermediate or Extended Care.

Dementia Care

Laurel Place has designed the entire building to provide a safe environment for our seniors. All external doors have key pad codes to ensure that people at risk for wandering remain safe. A specialized neigbourhood, Colingdale, is designed as a Special Care Unit for those people who meet the Fraser Health Authority criteria for admission to this type of service.

Access criteria includes:

  • Behaviours demonstrating an obliviousness to the needs and safety of self or others;
  • Behaviours that are physically abusive;
  • Behaviours of verbal aggression;
  • Behaviours of persistent elopement attempts;
  • Behaviours of socially inappropriateness; and
  • Behaviours demonstrating repetitive locomotion/vocalization.

Residents whose care needs no longer require a Special Care Unit may be moved to other neighbourhoods if accommodation is available.

Convalescent Care

Laurel Place provides Restorative and Reactivation care and services to those acute care patients from Surrey Memorial Hospital who are clinically stable, no longer meet acute care criteria, have a defined and stable treatment plan, but who require clinical and medical services to transition from acute care to home. The goal of the program is to provide services which will allow the person to return “home” within 4 to 16 weeks of admission to Laurel Place.

The therapy is directed by a qualified physiotherapist. Occupational therapy is consulted with as required to determine the need for assistive devices.

Bariatric Care

Laurel Place has designed two specialized accommodations for people who meet the criteria for bariatric care. The bariatric suites are equipped with in-suite showers, ceiling lifts and specialized beds. Residents who no longer meet the criteria for a bariatric room may be transferred to another room.