Recreation, Activity and Fitness Programs

There is a wide variety of recreational opportunities for you to enjoy. The Residents’ Council meets monthly and provides input into what programs we offer you. All residents are invited to attend and give us feedback.

Leisure staff all come with recreation certification, first aid training and FOODSAFE qualifications to ensure that your programs are safe and that they meet your needs.

As you know, social and cultural experiences stimulate the mind, encourage companionship and build friendships in our Laurel Place community. They also help to alleviate the loneliness, helplessness and boredom that many seniors experience. All recreation programs at Laurel Place are designed to help restore, maintain or improve your physical, emotional, social, spiritual and psychological well-being.

Activities include regular physical exercise and wellness programs to rejuvenate your body, soul and mind.

Our staff encourage everyone to attend events but participation is entirely up to you. We respect that your choice to participate is entirely up to you.

We Offer You a Wide Variety of Things to do

A large event calendar showing building-wide events, is posted on the Family Board in the main lobby for you and your family to read. Neighbourhood specific calendars are distributed to you, posted on the bulletin board in the Main Lobby and are available from Reception or from Leisure staff. A monthly newsletter is also provided to keep you and your family in the loop of all the goings on. There is a link to our newsletter on this website. See Newsletter.

Entertainers come to you

Incredible entertainers visit Laurel Place regularly to add music and dancing to your world. If you have special interests please bring them up at the Residents’ Council so we can arrange them if possible. Commemorative events are held for celebrating birthdays, cultural or religious holidays. We use any excuse we can think of to party with friends and family!! Each month special events are held such as Oktoberfest, Hawaiian days, Diwali, Christmas and more. Special meals, decorations, contests and entertainers are all part of the fun we provide for you.

Do you like to play bingo???

For you bingo addicts out there, we provide a regular fix. We have games scheduled weekly. Competition is friendly and assistance is provided for those who require it. There are even prizes to be won.

Happy Hour is a must around here!!

One of the most popular events in our home are affectionately called “Happy Hour”. Up to 80 people gather for fun, nibbles and liquid refreshments! Entertainment is provided and family and friends can even join the fun. This social event occurs on our main floor in the Fun and Games Room. Happy Hour includes dancing on our gorgeous dance floor, singing along with the entertainer or just hanging out with each other in a pub-like atmosphere with a pint in hand. Non-alcoholic beverages are also provided. Happy Hour is a time for fun and socialization.

Go for a bus trip and explore our community on an outing

There are a variety of opportunities for you to explore our community and take in events. Handidart regularly picks up residents who attend the local Stroke Club and Senior Centre events. You can also sit in comfort in our own wheelchair accessible bus for trips to local restaurants and shopping malls in Surrey and White Rock. We plan tours of surrounding municipalities including Ladner, Langley and Aldergrove. Your ideas for scenic tours or beach excursions can be discussed at the Residents’ Council meetings. We offer a “Scenic Drive” for those residents who like to go for a bus ride but who don’t necessarily want to get off the bus.

Physical Fitness and Wellness

A qualified physiotherapist assesses each person when they move in to ensure that we assist you with transfer aides as necessary and as safely as possible. Ceiling and floor mechanical lifts are used to help people who are challenged with mobility. A strength building program with an individualized plan is available for you to improve mobility and health. Strength building includes strength training, range of motion exercises, endurance work, balance and mobility exercises.

Outdoor walking programs are provided if you need assistance to enjoy the fresh air. Our centrally landscaped courtyard provides a safe, beautiful environment for you to enjoy the sound of flowing ponds. The courtyard is accessible from the 2nd floor elevator by Brackendale or through the Arendale or Brackendale dining room doors.

Fitness events are held regularly in each neighbourhood. A fully equipped Fitness Centre is located on the main floor off the Fun and Games Room and a satellite gym is located on Emmadale for rehabilitation programs for Convalescent Care clients.

An occupational therapist is available for specialized assessments for assistive aides.

Spacious, wide corridors with handrail provide great continuous walking loops for regular exercise throughout Laurel Place. All corridors are fully carpeted and continuously monitored by closed-circuit television.

Current Events and other brain stimulation

Are you hooked on Scrabble, Suduko, Bridge or Trivial Pursuit? We offer lots of opportunities to enhance your cerebral functioning in a fun way. Join a daily current events group and talk about what is going on in the world or hook up with someone else who likes what you like. Residents can get Internet connection in their rooms if they bring a computer with them and prefer to surf the web on their own or staff can assist them at a facility computer. We have a lovely “library” located on the 2nd floor just by the elevators with books and jigsaw puzzles to work on.

Market Place, Vending Machines and Bistro

Laurel Place has a Market Place in the Fun and Games Room which is run by volunteers. Residents wishing to volunteer need to speak to the Director of Leisure Services. The Market Place is filled with chips, chocolate bars, toiletries, tooth paste and assorted other things you may wish to purchase. A Mobile Market goes around weekly and sells things to individuals who prefer to shop in their neighbourhood. If there are items you would like to see in the Market please let us know.

A Vending Machine room is adjacent to the main lobby for use by visitors or residents. Products for sale include drinks (hot and cold), soups, chocolate bars, chips and other snacks. A change machine is available for dispensing coins for machines.

A lovely Bistro is located beside the vending machine area for residents and visitors to enjoy their snacks or have a coffee together. Coffee, tea and cold drinks including water are also available for residents in their dining areas.

Music and Art Therapy are good for the soul

Music therapy ranges from one-to-one sessions or group sing-a-longs. A music specialist is a trained professional who specializes in working with residents with dementia through the use of music.

Laurel Place has a lovely Art Studio for classes for projects and individual artistic expression. A variety of beautiful art projects can be seen at any given time from the Fun and Games Room.

Pastoral Care provides spiritual support for all faiths

Laurel Place has a dedicated “Sacred Place” for residents and staff. Our interdenominational chapel is located off the Main Floor reception area. The lovely stained glass window and peaceful solitude provide a place for quiet reflection. Our pastoral care chaplain conducts memorial services, hymn sings and fellowship times. The chaplain is available for one-to-one visitation and hospital visits.

We also provide opportunities for external communities to provide support to our residents. We have visiting Sikh priests, Roman Catholic priests and a variety of other clergy. Our chaplain liaises with external religious communities to ensure your spiritual needs are met.

Laurel Place takes pride in the very special relationship we have with the Surrey Memorial Hospital Hospice within our building. End of Life care is very important to us. Please ensure we know your wishes and directions to help us help you, your family and friends with this very special service we provide.