Dining at Laurel Place

Mealtimes are an important part of everyone’s day. It is a time when you and the other residents in your neighbourhood gather in your intimate dining room to enjoy a tasty, nutritious home-style meal.

All three meals are served by table-side, heated service (no cafeteria here at Laurel Place) by staff you know. You place your order and guide how much you want. The main meal is served in the evening, consisting of a hot main entrée with vegetables and a starch. A lighter meal is served at lunch, often including one of our delicious, home-made soup! Our cooks are simply awesome!!

Welcome your family and friends for a meal

We encourage residents to welcome their family and friends to join them for a meal. Meal tickets must be purchased from the Receptionist a minimum of one hour before the meal time. Numbers may be limited if other residents have invited guests. Large family groups are welcome to book the Family Room on the Main floor for large family celebrations by using the calendar on the Family Room door.

Proper Nutrition and More

A qualified Dietitian will meet you soon after you move in. The Dietitian will assess your dietary needs, ask you your likes and dislikes, and will monitor your nutritional needs.

We are required by Licensing to always follow Canada’s Food Guide by offering a choice and variety of balanced meals. We are also required to weigh residents once per month to ensure that their dietary needs are being met.

Our menus are planned with input from our Residents’ Council Food Committee. If you are interested in participating on the committee please tell your Recreation Assistant. We develop our menus to reflect the choices of our residents, the seasons and festive and special celebrations.

Snacks are always available to you. Each dining room has a fridge with snacks, beverages, and other goodies. No one goes hungry when they live at Laurel Place!

Our dietary department is happy to cater special family celebrations for you in our Family Room. Please speak to the Director of Support Services to book catering.

“Laurel Place provides not only 24-hour care but also tremendous social and recreational opportunities as well as all the comforts of home to help people keep active as they age.”
Dave S. Hayer, Surrey-Tynehead MLA