About Us…Our Commitment to Excellent Care for You

Laurel Place residential care provides you with a safe and secure living environment with excellent, professional, 24-hour nursing care, personal care assistance and individualized support.

Our Corporate Vision

We are committed to be BC’s leading complex care, assisted living and health services provider ‘Caring in the Family Way ‘ through innovative partnerships and programs.

Our Mission is simple

  • We Care about People.

Our Values guide us

We hold our values dear and our staff are taught them when they start working for us and are held accountable for acting this way. The first letters of our values spell out “Family” which is the way we do things for you.

  • Flexibility – embracing change
  • Accountability – responsible for your actions
  • Mutual Respect – valuing and accepting others
  • Integrity – moral and ethical character
  • Leadership – exemplifying the ‘Family Way’
  • Yearn for Excellence – striving for the best

We honour and respect you. At Laurel Place, a skilled interdisciplinary team provides you with individualized, person-centred care following our unique ‘Caring in the Family Way’ philosophy. We combine elements of the Laurel Place “Principles of Care”, the Eden Alternative©, GentleCare© and Person-Centred Care to provide you with the highest quality of life while living in our care facility and doing it your way.

Your independence and well-being are maximized

Your personal independence, physical, mental, social and spiritual health are maximized when you, your substitute health care decision maker and your health care providers work together and take responsibility for the care you need and direct. You deserve a meaningful life even though you may no longer be able to live independently. We will support you as at Laurel Place you become one of our family.